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Together we discuss the various vacancies and see which one matches you the best. We want to hear from you what you want and can do and focus less on what’s on your resume. Your motivation matters. Have we found a suitable job for you? You may be well starting the next day!


UBN Uitzendbureau is a member of the ABU, Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen (General Union of Temping Agencies). To be allowed to use their quality mark, we are inspected regularly to make sure we provide the required quality and everything is in order. That means that you, as a temp worker, can be sure we do what is best for you and always abide by the rules.


Long-term match
We think it is important to find a long-term match for you and for you to keep your enthusiasm about working there. That’s why we stay in touch, to make sure you are still in your happy place!

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Good for you!

It’s great that you have contacted us. You have made your first move towards a suitable job and we are happy to help? We do that by inviting you over to one of our branch offices to hear what your wishes are. And then we look for the perfect job for you. After the supervision from UBN and your own preparation, you then go do the interview with your prospective employers.

And then?

Have you been hired? Cheers! After you start, we will be in touch regularly. We want to know how your first day, week and month went. And we want to know about your ambition to grow. Do you need certain certificates to make that happen? Not a problem! As long as we keep each other informed about any wishes and developments, we can set things up for you. We are more than happy to do so, because UBN puts a smile on your work face!

Benefits of working via UBN

Informal work atmosphere

Opportunities for growth

Shift allowances

Training opportunities

Looking for a suitable job?

At UBN, we have various open positions through the Netherlands in industry and logistics. Often, applying today means you start working tomorrow. Come and work for a fun company where you are appreciated and get paid weekly. Quick and easy application!

Working in logistics and industry

At UBN, we not only have logistical jobs in transporting products, but also in planning, picking up and packaging. Jobs include order picker, warehouse worker or forklift driver.
In industry, there are plenty of opportunities. For instance in production as planner or production worker.

Benefits of working via UBN:

We find the perfect match for you and guide you throughout the process, from the application through to your first day in your new job. Afterwards, we stay in touch to make sure you’re still where you want to be. Together, we make sure you stay happy where you ar.

We find it important for you to be rewarded well for the work you do. But also for you to be paid quickly. That’s why we make sure you get paid on a weekly basis.

UBN really values its people. Not just in words, but in presents as well.

Training opportunities

For some jobs, it is important to be in possession of a certain certificate. For instance a forklift or reach truck certificate, proving you can operate the machinery safely and control the vehicle. If there are certain certificates that you don’t yet have but want to acquire, we can help you. Make sure to contact the branch office near you.

Working for a friend and receiving a reward!

Do you know anybody who is looking for work? Then register them for the member promotion. If your friend is hired, you get a great gift. Ask your UBN contactperson for more information about this promotion.

About UBN Uitzendbureau

UBN Uitzendbureau has more than 30 years of experience as a mediator in logistical and industrial jobs up to and including MBO level. You can find us in Almere, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Groningen and Apeldoorn, and we have in-house offices at a number of companies: Ameco, GXO, Nedal Aluminium, Pally Biscuits, Remia and Santrade.

In short, enough (in-house) offices to help you in your quest for the perfect job! So come see us for a personal interview! You can register via this page. Don’t wait too long! We love to move fast. So if you register today, you may well start working tomorrow!

Branch offices

In addition to a number of in-house offices, UBN is located in Almere, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Groningen.