For this group of students the rules according to the BSN number and bank account are the same as for students from within the E.U./E.E.A. The only difference is that they also need a so-called “TWV” (work-permit) for the Netherlands. To get such a permit you will have to provide us with the following items:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid Dutch residence permit (saying you are a student)
  • Letter of enrolment for your studies (not a letter of registration)
  • Your current living address in the Netherlands

You also need to choose between a TWV for the max of 16 hours/week or for the summer period. The last one allows you to work 40 hour/week but only in June, July and August. Switching between permits is not allowed.

Very important

For us to start the application for your TWV you need to arrange all documents, otherwise we cannot start the application. In most cases the residence permits are arranged by
the Hogeschool or University. If you are not in possession of the residence, make sure that you arrange this as soon as possible, since the process can take between 3 to 6 months. From the moment we have received all necessary documents we will apply for a TWV for you. This procedure will take us approximately 5 weeks.