Students from within the European Union need three important things:

  • Valid passport / ID-card from the European Union
  • Dutch BSN (fiscal number)
  • Dutch bank account

The Dutch BSN is a number that everybody in the Netherlands needs to get a job. You can compare this with the social security number in the U.S., it’s a registration number for the tax office as well as for many other organizations related to job issues. To get this number you will have to make an appointment with the municipality of Utrecht.

Follow this link for more information.

When you are going to work for us you also need a Dutch bank account. A Dutch bank account is necessary because payments are only done by bank transfer. It is not possible to receive your money by cheque or cash. Neither is it possible to transfer money to a foreign bank account. As soon as you possess the items mentioned above you are ready to
get registered at our office and to start with your part-time job. Make sure that you arrange these things as soon as possible even if you don’t think of working beside your study. It’s always useful to be prepared for it and it saves you time.