UBN employment agency

Information for international students

UBN is an employement agency that started in 1991 in Utrecht.
Since that time the agency has grown throughout the Netherlands and momentarily its situated in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Almere, Groningen, Utrecht and its headquarters in Bilthoven. Next to these regular offices UBN also has some incompany-offices or inhouse-offices with some high volume customers like Remia, Nedal, WE Fashion, Menlo, Ameco and Santrade

The core business of UBN is to intermediate between customers and jobseekers to create a perfect match between them. This can be either a fulltime or a parttime job.

For quite a few years UBN and ESN started a cooperation to do the same for international students. Our plan is benificial for all partys since

  • ESN provides international students with a possibility to work;
  • UBN provides their customers with motivated international students;
  • The International student create an income for themselfs.

All of our services and advises are free of charge.

Our turnover is generated from the customers that pay us for our services and with that we can sponsor ESN, which then can create all your fun activities for this year!

We hope to see you soon and if you have questions you can contact us during office hours.

What do you need?

Before you can get started we need to inform you about the different procedure for students from within the E.U./E.E.A. (See “Annex” for countries) and “Students” from the rest of the countries.
Students from outside the E.U./E.E.A. need to have a work permit to get a job, which is complex to obtain but we will try to explain more later on.

Students from within the E.U.-E.E.A.

Students from within the European Union need three important things:

●   Valid passport / ID-card from the European Union
●   Dutch BSN (fiscal number)

●   Dutch bank account

The Dutch BSN is a number that everybody in the Netherlands needs
to get a job. You can compare this with the social security number in
the U.S., it’s a registration number for the tax office as well as for many
other organizations related to job issues. To get this number you will
have to make an appointment with the municipality of Utrecht.

Follow this link for more information.

When you are going to work for us you also need a Dutch bank account.
A Dutch bank account is necessary because payments are only done by
bank transfer.  It is not possible to receive your money by cheque or cash.
Neither is it possible to transfer money to a foreign bank account.
As soon as you possess the items mentioned above you are ready to
get registered at our office and to start with your part-time job.
Make sure that you arrange these things as soon as possible even if
you don’t think of working beside your study. It’s always useful to be
prepared for it and it saves you time.

Students from outside E.U./E.E.A.

For this group of students the rules according to the BSN number and bank
account are the same as for students from within the E.U./E.E.A.
The only difference is that they also need a so-called “TWV” (work-permit)
for the Netherlands. To get such a permit you will have to provide us with
the following items:

●   Valid passport
●   Valid Dutch residence permit (saying you are a student)
●   Letter of enrolment for your studies (not a letter of registration)
●   Your current living address in the Netherlands

You also need to choose between a TWV for the max of 16 hours/week or
for the summer period. The last one allows you to work 40 hour/week
but only in June, July and August. Switching between permits is not allowed.

Very important

For us to start the application for your TWV you need to arrange all
documents, otherwise we cannot start the application. In most cases the
residence permits are arranged by the Hogeschool or University.
If you are not in possession of the residence,
make sure that you arrange this as soon as possible, since the process can
take between 3 to 6 months. From the moment we have received all
necessary documents we will apply for a TWV for you.
This procedure will take us approximately 5 weeks.

Getting a job

We offer different kind of jobs at several companies in Utrecht and its surroundings. The jobs we provide to foreign students are mostly in warehouses or factories, because these jobs do not require you to speak the Dutch language. The jobs are mostly during the morning, afternoon of nighttime during the week. Sometimes weekends are an option as well.

You worked… what’s next?

Of course you are going to get paid, because that’s the main reason you will be working beside your study. The payments are weekly, and like we’ve said before, only by bank account.

Contact us and let us know your availability and we will start searching for you!

Nick van Rheenen

Bas Willems
Inhouse Consultant