Hours:40 uur
Education level:VMBO
Salary (min.): € 11,16
Salary (max.): € 12,65
Start datePer direct
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Job description

Orderpickers take your chance to pick up this new job!

Our client is looking for new orderpickers for different departments. You (as an orderpicker) make sure that the orders are ready on time to be delivered to the customers. Be aware that the rooms you will be working in are pretty cold. Overall there will be a temperature around the 7 degrees celcius, but this will be no problem for a hard working orderpicker as you! You will be working so hard that you won't even notice the coldness. Our client will provide clothing for the extra needed warmth during your shifts. Our supportive client finds it important that its employees continue to develop their abilities and grow in their work place. They (our client) offer a so called "talent trajectory" to support the growth of its employees and help them grow to their maximum potential! Initially you will be working day shifts, but sometimes you will be working evening and night shifts. It is an option to work fulltime at this company, but parttime is also a possibility. Working parttime might be a great match for students that want to work next to their studies.

Of course you will get payed for this amazing job. Your hourly wage will be between €11,16 and €12,65 (excluding taxes) per hour!


  • You experience no obstacles with the cold temperature of the rooms;
  • You are independent and know how to work hard;
  • You are motivated and feel responsible to make sure your orders are picked correctly and on time for delivery.

What we have to offer?

  • A salary between the €11,16 and €12,65 (excluding taxes) per hour;
  • The possibility to grow inside the company;
  • Day-, afternoon- and/or night shifts;
  • The possibility to work parttime or fulltime;
  • Good working conditions including company fitness, a collective health insurance and more!


Our client is more than an international wholesale. You won't only find catering supplies, but also culinary inspiration and knowledge! There are a lot of employees involved in the work process to ensure that the entire logistics process runs smoothly and to its full potential. From orderpicker to driver and from employee order intake to logistics planners, with each other they make sure that the customers and branches will get the right order on the right time that they discussed.

Apply procedure

We will look at your CV and motivation after you've applied to one of our open posisitions. After that we will call you to plan a meeting where we can get to know each other. During this conversation we will discuss your work experiences and wishes for your new working adventure. During the meeting we will also tell you a little about the way they work at the company you've applied for. Do we still see a match between you and our client and are you still enthusiasted? Then we will suggest you to our client. Does the client agree to our enthusiasm? then we will fix all of the needed documents for you to start working!

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