Aantal uren per week:40 uur
Salaris (minimum): € 1800
Salaris (maximum): € 2000
Startdatum:Per direct
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Wat ga je doen?

Your working day as a production employee in Amstelveen starts at 07:00 a.m. Together with your colleagues, you ensure that all the different cacti are processed correctly. In your role it is important to keep an overview. You look beyond your task at that moment. Colleagues can contact you with questions and when the workload is stopped, you can easily pick up another task to keep busy. What does your work consist of?

  • Packing / preparing different types of cacti for shipment;
  • Keeping your workplace clean;
  • Put away filled carts or pick up empty carts.

Jouw kwaliteiten

The most important thing is that you can and want to work independently. You know what is expected of you and you are not afraid to take on other tasks as well. Together with your colleagues, you ensure that every shift runs smoothly. In this role as a production employee, you are also the right hand of the team leader. Furthermore you are:

  • Master the Dutch and/or English language;
  • Living near Amstelveen, so you can come by bike or have your own transport. The company cannot be reached by public transport;
  • A morning person! Your shift starts at 07:00 and on Mondays sometimes even a little earlier.

Wat krijg je ervoor terug?

As a production employee you can work full-time (40 hours a week). You work from 07:00 to 16:00 hours, on Mondays you may start a little earlier and finish a little later. The first six weeks (that's how long the induction process takes) of your employment, the salary is 10.50 / 10.75 EUR per hour. When you are ready to start working independently after the induction process, your salary will be increased to 11 EUR / 11.50 EUR per hour.

You start on a temporary basis, but after six months an evaluation is carried out. Are you happy and is the company satisfied? Then you get a contract! There are also plenty of growth opportunities within the organization. Do you take on your role as a great help to your colleagues? And do you know where your help is needed without being told? Then you can easily grow into a team leader position.

Waar ga je werken?

You will work for a wholesaler that has been selling cacti since 1945. Have you ever been to Ikea? Then you probably know the small cacti that you can buy there per 3. These (and other) cacti will be packed at your new workplace! They also supply to, among others, Lidl and Carre Four (a French supermarket chain).

Sollicitatie procedure

  • We do not handle the process of obtaining a work permit and/or accommodations. 

Do you see yourself getting started with us? Then respond immediately by pressing the application button! Send us your resume and we will call you as soon as possible to start a conversation with you.

During the conversation we will discuss your work experience and your wishes for a new challenge or position. In addition, we provide some additional information about the activities and the company. Do we still see a match and are you also enthusiastic? Then we immediately introduce you to the company! For substantive questions, please contact us between 

08:30 – 17:30h on 020-3058830 or via e-mail


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Telefoon: 020-3058830
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