Warehouse Employee

Hours:35 uur
Education level:Ongeschoold
Salary (min.): € 1500,-
Salary (max.): € 2000,-
Start date:Per direct
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Job description

Working in the evening and night hours with surcharges of up to 50%? That is possible as a warehouse employee at this large parcel company close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk! No experience in the warehouse? No problem with this company! They can teach you everything about the warehouse on the work floor. In fact, you can grow so far that you are contracted by the company.
The packages for next-day deliveries arrive in the warehouse in Amsterdam. Together with your colleagues, you ensure that these packages (5 to 25 kg) can actually be delivered. You do this by unloading the trucks, scanning the packages and sorting them by postcode.


You are no stranger in the gym. You can cancel your gym subscription immediately. Why? With this job you are always on the move. So you easily achieve your cardio target of the week. In addition, you process all packages manually. These can weigh up to 25 kg, so you can also cross off the weight training. But don't be afraid: not all packages will weigh 25 kg. And if you have a heavy package, there is always a colleague to help you. So you won’t experience muscle ache that much. For this position it is important that you:

– have a command of the Dutch or English language.

– you do not find it a problem to work with a weekly changing schedule (evening and night shifts).

– you like to be on the move throughout the whole shift.

What we have to offer?

Within this position you will never be bored. Time flies and during breaks there is always time for a chat with your colleagues. You work in a changing schedule where you work one week in the evening and the other week in the night. The evening shift starts at 4:30 pm (can be earlier, depending on how busy it is) and then you work approximately until 11:00 pm in the evening. The night shift starts 11:00 pm (11:30 pm on Friday) and then everyone goes home around 7:30 am. There is no actual canteen that serves food in this warehouse. So you have to bring your own food to warm up in the microwave. But once every two weeks you don't have to worry about that. We take care of your food in the evening shift. During the break, a delivery person comes by who brings fries with a snack. And now the most important part: your salary. We offer a base salary of € 11,62 gross per hour (from 21 years). But here are several surcharges:

  • between 20:00 and 24:00 and between 05:00 and 07:00 you get €12,64 gross per hour;
  • between 24:00 and 05:00 you get €12,93 gross per hour;
  • on Friday night (from midnight) you get €16.85 gross per hour.

You also receive travel expenses, this is based on how many kilometers you have to travel.


This company is a leader when it comes to delivering packages. Every day they ensure that every customers receive their ordered items at home. The packages for Amsterdam and the surrounding area are processed in the warehouse in Amsterdam.

There are around 10 people in the warehouse each shift. Together you ensure that all packages can leave the warehouse the next day. It is hard work but during the break there is always time for some fun or a nice conversation.

Are you as enthusiastic as we are? Then apply now. Maybe your first working day will be next week.

Apply procedure

The moment you apply to this vacancy, we will review your resume and motivation. Do we see a match with our client? Then we will send you an invitation for an intake. This will take place at our location on the van Woustraat in Amsterdam.

During the intake we discuss your work experience and wishes for a new challenge. In addition, we provide some additional information about the job and the company. Do we still see a match and are you enthusiastic about the vacancy? Then we sign the papers and are you ready to start!

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Phone: 020-3058830
Email: anoukmentink@ubnuitzendbureau.com
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