Warehouse employee

Hours:40 uur
Education level:Ongeschoold
Salary (min.): € 2000
Salary (max.): € 2600
Start datePer direct
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Job description

The new logistic warehouse in De Meern is all set up! And you can start working here as a warehouse employee in dayshifts.

First of all, you get a good introduction process before you start working independently. They explain how they work, what the rules are, what they do exactly and of course you will meet with your new colleagues.

When you are fully trained, you will be scheduled independently and you will deal with the following tasks:

–      picking, labeling, sorting the orders;

–      packing and preparing orders for shipment;

–      supporting your colleagues and keeping the warehouse tidy.

It concerns a full-time working week from Monday till Friday in shifts. The dayshift is from 08:30 – 17:00 or 09.30 – 18.00. You don't mind working overtime, for this you will be paid 150%.

In addition, it would also come in very handy if you also can work with a forklift or reachtruck. If you would like to learn this, this is certainly possible! This at the expense of UBN!


You work accurately and you don't you mind working overtime every now and then for a good allowance. You are also physically fit and you can lift heavier products.

What else do we ask from you?

–      You speak the English language;

–      You are available full-time and you can work flexible in shifts;

–      You can travel to Utrecht de Meern by car or bike;


The most important thing for the company is that you work with a smile on your face, always stay positive. That's what the team is made off!

What we have to offer?

In this company there is always space for you to grow. Do you think you can handle your current tasks and want more? Just say so! What else can you expect?

–      Salary between € 12,00 and € 15.00 per hour based on your experience;

–      Travel allowance € 0,21 per kilometer;

–      Chance to work for the long term and a contract with the client.


Our client provides logistics services to customers all over the world. Receipt, storage, stock management, value addition and customs services to transport and (parcel) distribution of products. Think, for example, of various products, from solar panels to electronics, from large drills to the smallest spare parts.

Apply procedure

Does this sounds exiting for you and would you like to start directly as a warehouse employee? Then is this your chance. Do not hesitate and apply straight away!

If you have any questions please contact me on:

amyvandegraaf@ubnuitzendbureau.com or 0613681479

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Biltstraat 22a
3572 BB Utrecht
Phone: 030-2714717
Email: utrecht@ubnuitzendbureau.com



Phone: 06-13681479
Email: amyvandegraaf@ubnuitzendbureau.com
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