Warehouse employee

Hours:40 uur
Education level:Uneducated
Salary (min.): € 12.25,-
Start date:12 januari 2021
Published on 12 januari 2021
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Job description

At the warehouse in Amsterdam Osdorp you drive your reach truck past all the racks. No product is too high and no aisle is too small for you. Like a fish glides through the water, you move through the warehouse in search of the ordered products. On the way you will encounter some junk. You quickly get off to throw it away. Because a clean warehouse is important to you. When you take the last corner there is a colleague in front of you. After a short chat and possibly a helping hand, you also have found the last product from your list. Now quickly scan, package and label everything. Then the shipment is ready for departure and you have again ensured a satisfied customer. This could be the description of your working day! Do you want to know how this works? I'll tell you everything:


At this company it is important that you are not driving a forklift and reach truck for the first time. They work with glass and ceramics, so dropping a box is not an option. Do you have experience but no valid certificate? No worries! We will pay the education for you. In addition, we would like to see the following properties in you:

  • you don't find it a problem to be used all-round;
  • you have a forklift and reachtruck certificate, or at least experience with both;
  • you master the English language;
  • you are available full time.

What we have to offer?

Now you know more about the work, I would like to tell you something about what you can expect from us: You will be working in two shifts: from 6:30 till 15:00 and from 15:00 till 23:30 from Monday till Friday. This beacause of the pandemedic. As soon that is over you will be working from 08:30 till 17:30. When it is very busy they also want to see you on the floor on Saturdays. But this is always in consultation. If you want and can work on a Saturday? Then you will receive an allowance of 50% on your salary.

Your salary, let's talk about that . You receive € 12.25 gross per hour. And they offer travel expenses. Are you coming by car? Then you will receive € 0.19 per kilometer with a maximum of € 6.36 per day. Are you coming by public transport? Then your trip will be paid in full. Loyalty and hard work are rewarded within this company. Are you happy with the job and is your manager satisfied? Then they would like to let you grow further within the company. Wondering how? Well with a lot of responsibilities and training. You can also eventually get a contract from them.


Our client is the worldwide market leader in special glass and ceramics. With 150 years of knowledge and experience, they are able to offer innovative solutions to major social and commercially relevant problems. The Amsterdam office is the specialist in Life Sciences products.

Apply procedure

When you apply with us, we will review your resume and motivation. Do we think you are a good match? Then we will send you an invitation for an introductory meeting. This meeting will take place online. Or if that isn't possible at our office on the van Woustraat in Amsterdam.

During this meeting we discuss your work experience and wishes for a new challenge. In addition, we provide some extra information about the activities and the company. Do we still see a match and are you enthusiastic too? Then we immediately introduce you to the client.

Is the client also enthusiastic about your CV? Then they will invite you for a short personal meeting. Are you both just as excited as we are? Then we ensure that all papers are in order and that you can get started quickly!

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Van Woustraat 84
1073 LP Amsterdam
Phone: 020-3058830
Email: amsterdam@ubnuitzendbureau.com



Phone: 020-3058830
Email: anoukmentink@ubnuitzendbureau.com
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Apply procedure follow up steps?

You apply

You apply by sending your data to us via the form. You will receive an confirmation by email.

We call you

We give you a call to plan an introduction at one of our locations.

Meet each other

Team spirit is very important to us. We will see together whether you fit in. If it feels good on both sides, we will be happy to make you a proposal.

To work !

Together we plan your first working day and introduce you to your manager.

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